Red Sox Officialized the return of Alex Cora as their Manager for the 2021 season

Nov 6, 2020

Alex Cora explains about his new hire that "Boston is where I always wanted to be" although the terms of the new contract are unknown, ESPN published that it will be for two years. Cora was originally signed as manager of Boston in late 2017, with a view to serving as their manager beginning in 2018. He more than delivered, leading the Red Sox to a franchise record of 108 wins, in addition to winning the World Series. After that achievement, the original contract for three seasons (2018-2020) and an additional year as an option, was extended for one season until 2021, with an option until 2022. The Puerto Rican Alex Cora expressed himself this Friday fortunate and grateful to the organization of the Boston Red Sox, for the new opportunity to lead the team again starting in the 2021 season in Major League Baseball.

In written statements in a statement in which the Red Sox made Cora's return to the managerial position official this afternoon, the Puerto Rican coach regretted having drawn negative attention for the role he played in the illegal signal theft scheme when he still belonged to the Houston Astros in 2017.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to coach once again and get back to the game that I have loved all my life," said Cora.

The Red Sox press office indicated that management and Cora will hold a press conference early next week via ZOOM.

“During this last year I have had time to reflect and evaluate many things and I recognize how lucky I am to lead this team once again. Not being a part of the baseball game and the pain of drawing negative attention to my family and this organization was extremely difficult. I am sorry for the damage my past actions have caused and I will work hard to make this organization and its fans proud. "

"I owe John Henry, Tom Werner, Mike Gordon, Sam Kennedy, Chaim Bloom and Brian O'Halloran my gratitude for giving me another chance. I look forward to getting back to working with our office, coaches and especially our players. Boston is where I've always wanted to be and couldn't be more excited to help the Red Sox achieve our ultimate goal of winning in October, ”Cora added in the statement.


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