Custom Knee Sleeves

Terms and Conditions: Non-refundable custom order policy apply to this category.

Average order turnaround time is 30-40 business days. Rushed production turnaround time is 20-25 business days.

By paying for this order, you are agreeing to our No Refund & No Returns policy.

We encourage our clients to order a custom sample of their designed uniform to inspect the overall look and that it is to their expectation. Once an order has been confirmed and placed without a custom sample, BBB Sports, Inc is not liable for any dissatisfaction that the customer might experience or portray.

Sizing Our sizing charts may vary. Our products are made to the measurements on our sizing charts with a tolerance of +/-10%. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for items that were ordered in the wrong size. Unless you paid for a sizing kit or received a custom sample - you cannot base sizing off of our free samples we send out.

Colors The colors on your uniforms and apparel is selected by using the Pantone color code selected in your designs or the closest Pantone color code based on the designs. Pantone colors are always displayed on your artwork. If you require any specific color codes, those must be provided to us. Every color will print a differently on the fabric after printing depending on the GSM, weight and type. For this reason, we do not offer refunds for color issues for shades of color. Only obvious mistakes in color (i.e. Navy instead of Sky Blue) will be eligible for refunds.

Designs & Graphics The designs we make for you are a general representation of the uniforms and apparel that you’re going to receive. We try our best to match exactly what you see in our designs, but we cannot guarantee it 100%. Things such as placement, sizes of logos and numbers, graphics, outlines and other design specifications must be noted in writing and confirmed in the design template in order for us to reproduce it correctly. For this reason, we do not offer refunds for design issues.

Turnaround Time Our turnaround time is an average of 30-40 business days (6-8 weeks). Turnaround time is defined as time from order confirmation to ship date. BBB Sports, Inc is not liable for shipping time. Generally, shipping time is only 3 days but delays with Fedex, DHL and UPS do happen. Turnaround time starts from the moment the designs are confirmed, the sizes/numbers are confirmed, and the payment is made. If any of this stuff is missing, our turnaround time might be prolonged. We can produce uniforms and apparel as quickly as 4-5 weeks (20-25 business days) if there is a rush charge applied to your order. Depending on the order size, type of apparel, current production demand and other specifications, there might be factors that make our turnaround time longer for your order. While we understand how important it is to deliver your apparel on time, and we take every measure to fulfill this need, it is impossible for us to guarantee on-time delivery. For this reason, we do not offer refunds for orders that are late. We do refund rush fees if it was a rush production order.

Cancelled Orders An order is started as soon as a payment is made unless there is a PO or prior agreement with an account manager. If an order is asked to be cancelled there will be a cancellation fee which is enforced to recoup our expenses (printing, fabrics, designs, labor, etc). Below is our sunk-cost fee structure based on time that has passed:

1-2 days = 50% or after 3+ days = 100%.

Custom Products Return Policy Any problems with items that may quality for a redo or credit must be reported within 7 days of being received. This includes issues regarding design, misspelled names, missing items, or items with rips or tears. If there is an issue, we need to be notified right away to take care of it. Act fast!

Visual evidence of errant apparel must be provided for all issues that you may have. Replacement items normally take 15 business days to be received after the issue has been investigated and redo order has been placed.

Policy for Addons 25% charge for all add ons (under 10 pieces) if the client has ordered 10+ in a previous order.

40% charge for anything under 10 pieces if a client has not ordered at least 10 previously.

Add-on time is still 3-4 weeks.

Policy for Rush Orders Minimum rush order fee is $350 or 20%, which ever is higher. Turnaround for rush is 15 BUSINESS days from day order is put in (1 business day after your payment is made). There is NO guarantees. If order is not in within 15 business days, Rush fee is fully refunded.

Policy for Logo Removal Minimum white label fee is $350 or 25%, which ever is higher. We can remove our BBB Sports logo and leave blank or replace with custom branded logo of yours on the design, additional cost apply and tag inside can remain with the BBB Sports logo.

Duties & Taxes BBB Sports, Inc ships worldwide and many countries have imposed duty fees/taxes that will be invoiced before or after your products are delivered. These duty fees are a responsibility of the client to pay - not on BBB Sports, Inc. We primarily ship with FedEx, UPS and DHL. To read up on their policies please visit their official websites.

We regret to inform you that the products in this section are currently not available online. Please be assured that we are diligently working to show products in this section as soon as possible. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our stores to check our in-store stock, which may still have the items you are looking for. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect sports equipment. Furthermore, if you have any specific requests or inquiries regarding products in this section, you can easily reach out to us by sending an email to Our team will promptly provide you with a quote and any additional information you may need. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We greatly appreciate your continued support.