Custom Caps

The client must provide digital art (cost not included). If the client wishes to include the logo of a registered trademark, he must present written authorization from the licensee, without this authorization the registered trademark will not be produced. When processing a personalized order,...
Upload any logo(s) that you'd like our designers to see here.
Artwork must be digital in .psd, pdf and .ai format. Also you can upload any photo(s) of past uniforms that you'd like to share.
Select your preferred color scheme.
Upload the list (it must be digitally written, not handwritten). The roster list must have name, number, size, sponsor, quantity and any other important details that apply.
Desing and Customize details, be specific. Enter any further details for your design request.
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Minimum quantity for "Pacific Custom Embroidery M2 Performance Flexfit Cap" is 12.